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pecan pie ice cream | saveur

buttermilk pie

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"Dulce de leche marshmallow biscuits" | emma knowles

 rhubarb and berry crumble | © celeste vlok 

caramel cinnamon rolls

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soft gingerbread cake with lingonberry frosting  by le parfait

Chocolate & Banana French Toast + Salted Caramel | gourmet traveller

vanilla caramel éclairs with chocolate glaze | gourmet traveller

Roasted Plumcot Semifreddo with a Cinnamon Oat Crumble & Scottish Shortbread 

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chocolate syrup for pancakes | by dine & dish

cinnamon cake with blackberries | relish

fruit loaf + lemon pound cake | donna hay

Caramelized coconut banana bread waffle french toast by Half Baked Harvest