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Gloria Vanderbilt photographed by Gordon Parks.

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photo jared fowler

photo by eric bowman | vogue

“I close my eyes and remember, through the noise, her scent; powdery, elegant, safe, strong, the scent of unconditional love. I look down and see her delicate hands, their skin so thin I can faintly see their veins, her nails round, soft and clear. Yet these are the hands that have held me, carried me, talked to me. They caressed me, they walked me to school, and I held on to them when I was scared. Oh, how I miss them. What I would give to feel them running through my hair… in my sleep, once more.” Sean Hepburn Ferrer

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‘Raintree County’ - 1957 film poster, starring Montgomery Clift, Elizabeth Taylor & Eva Marie Saint

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kate moss | by patrick demarchelier

photo sharyn cairns

photo sharyn cairns

country kitchen | photo sharyn cairns

vintage floral top

Jacqueline Bisset - ‘Bullitt’ - 1968


audrey hepburn

audrey hepburn

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Jackie by Mark Shaw, 1961. 

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jane birkin

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